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Transforming Insurance Sales Using Salesforce


Our customer is a leading multi-level marketing (MLM) company based in the USA. They provide a wide range of financial services to their customers and were growing rapidly. But, their existing IT solution was not supporting them in their robust growth. Furthermore, the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations were also forcing them to upgrade their system and make it compliant with the regulations. This could adversely impact their Sales, Financial Need Analysis, Workflow and Customer Relationship Management.



The existing system of our customer was unable to track the sales lifecycle. Their Client Relationship Management was a big challenge area which demanded a complete revamp. For data analysis, they were plagued by too many distributed systems and reports. A lot of inconsistency and redundancy in marketing and sales data was also observed.


Salesforce-Driven Solution

EVRY proposed to implement a common sales platform to be used by the associates and company support staff. We implemented Financial Services Cloud for Registered Reps and Fiduciary Advisors. Financial Services Cloud is a platform designed for high-touch client relationship management. We also implemented a partner community for associates and a community in Salesforce lightning. Our solution allows all agents to capture their customers’ financial needs and manage them through “opportunity management” to track the products sold. It can also refer customers to Fiduciary Advisors for advice on “qualified money”. Additionally, EVRY implemented Salesforce Service Cloud for Case Management which includes case assignments to dedicated teams, SLAs, milestone tracking and automated status updates.


Business Impact

  • Salesforce Service Cloud offers 99% availability as well as accessibility from any device
  • Financial Services Cloud platform aids in high-touch client relationship management
  • Empowered advisors now deliver personalized and proactive service that clients expect, resulting in improved customer satisfaction
  • Our solution offers complete control of associate sales activities, requests and other statistics required by the back office