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Redesign Customer Experience (CX)

Your customer’s experience for any interaction (physical or digital) with your brand defines her / his perception of your brand. To design or redesign an experience “the way you desire”, you need to first measure it. Customer experiences are subjective, qualitative and difficult to measure, but with EVRY’s CX Calibration building a customer-centric organization is not difficult anymore. CX Calibration is an omni-channel customer experience measurement and analytics platform solution. It caters to a wide spectrum of insurance industry players viz. P&C or L&A carrier, agency, brokerage house, third party administrator and anyone who wants to improve their CX Index. Customized, in your own way!

EVRY's CX Calibration platform solution:

a) Gives you the vibes of your brand and customers’ perception across an unprecedented number of data sources.

b) Helps you to stay true to your brand statement. If you have chosen to be an “affordable carrier”, then how affordable are you for your customers? If you have bid to be “transparent”, then how transparent are you? You can see it all and listen to the voices of your customers.

c) Has inbuilt advanced recommendation engine which tells you precisely what, where and how to improve? Is your “claims experience” doing good, but are you faltering on marketing? Do you want to run Twitter campaigns more often or should it be Facebook? You can find all the answers.

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