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ITSM Open Systems

We maintain our specialized skills in ITSM Open Systems that have gained substantial momentum in the IT vendors’ community, and contribute significantly to the success of a business. ITSM Open Systems usually comprises a wide gamut of services such as Remote Server and Network Support, Remote Security Services, Database Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Email / Chat Support, Software Support, Documentation, and Database Services.

EVRY’s ITSM Support offers remote network diagnostics, resolution & administration, back up, restore & security-related configurations, 24x7 support, L1, L2 & L3 support backed by NDA and SLA, high priority support for all of desktop, network & server related issues, resolution of issues related to system and applications error messages, fixing software issues, installation and up-gradation, and remote technical support for various databases including SQL and Oracle servers.

Our service offering in this space is designed to provide business entities with access to the best and latest technologies and process flows. Tailored to solve critical business issues faced today, EVRY’s ITSM Open Systems provide significant cost advantage to enterprises operating within multiple verticals. We automate and streamline the management processes of a business with our substantial expertise and support core operations of our customers’ businesses. We offer flexible ITSM Open Systems solutions depending on the needs of your organization.

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